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Foundation-Free Concrete Batching Plant

December 28, 2020

Latest company case about Foundation-Free Concrete Batching Plant

The foundation-free concrete batching plant has two types: the hopper-type foundation-free concrete batching plant and the belt-type foundation-free concrete batching plant. It does not need to be as deep as a stationary concrete batching plant. It only needs to harden the ground to make a shallower foundation. It is especially suitable for some limited working conditions and the site is not suitable for foundation projects.


The advantages of foundation-free concrete batching plant equipment are as follows


1. The foundation-free concrete batching plant can avoid the process of designing and installing the foundation, which greatly saves the time and foundation cost of install the concrete batching plant for customers.


2. With the frame structure adopted by the batching system of the basic mixing station, all equipment parts are placed on a heavy steel structure chassis, which increases the stability and force area of ​​the equipment.


3. The mixing unit and the weighing unit adopt a frame structure, and the two are connected together by bolts, and the walking platform is connected by hinged connection, which can be folded along the hinge point during transportation to reduce the transportation space.


4. The electrical system adopts the form of quick-plug connectors, which reduces the installation cycle of the equipment.


5. The installation chassis can be connected through different connection forms, which can be easily connected according to the customer's site.

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