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Cement Silo & Screw Conveyor shipped to Ukraine

September 7, 2020

Latest company news about Cement Silo & Screw Conveyor shipped to Ukraine

Cement Silo & Screw Conveyor shipped to Ukraine


Congratulations! 2 sets 90T bolted cement silos and 3 sets LSY273*8m screw conveyors produced by Zhenheng were shipped to Ukraine last weekend.


Cement silo is generally a closed tank used in concrete batching plants to store various bulk materials such as cement and fly ash. The tank body is equipped with a material level system that can display the amount of material and a strong arch breaking device that can relieve the material caused by long-term deposition.


The cement silo produced by Zhenheng is divided into two types: vertical cement silo and horizontal cement silo, and vertical cement silo is also divided into welded cement silo and bolted cement silo. As a professional construction machinery manufacturer with 38 years of production experience, Zhenheng can produce any form of cement silo of 20-1000T, and accept customization. If you have any needs, please feel free to inquire with us.


Daily maintenance of cement silo


A. Cleaning of cement silo

The external cleaning of the cement silo is very simple, generally just rinse with water.

As for the internal cleaning, it must be treated very seriously: general cement silo roofs have dust collectors, arch breaking devices and other tools. Generally, detergents are used when cleaning the cement silo, but after cleaning, be careful not to leave any moisture in the silo, otherwise the silo will easily rust.

If there are clumps in the silo, the best way is to use a hammer or shovel to remove the clumps before cleaning the silo.


B. System equipment of cement silo

Regularly check whether the dust collector needs to be replaced, and also to ensure that the dust collector is clean.


Regularly check whether the cleaning mechanism of the cement silo, the induced draft fan is operating normally, and whether the sealing parts of the cement silo are normal, and develop the habit of regular replacement.


Only by doing these daily maintenance well, the machine can operate normally, and the working efficiency of the machine will be improved at the same time as the service life of the machine.


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