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Concrete Mixing Plant Cooling System Solution

November 30, 2020

Latest company news about Concrete Mixing Plant Cooling System Solution

1. Application background

Large hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants, high-speed railways, and large-volume foundations for high-rise buildings require temperature-controlled concrete. In the process of concrete mixing, the internal volume of the heat of hydration of concrete increases, especially under high temperature conditions, the heat generated by mixing is higher. In the future curing or low temperature, the internal volume of the concrete will be caused by thermal expansion and contraction. As the volume decreases, cracks usually appear during this process. Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of concrete should be low, reaching the limit temperature of the architectural design unit. In order to ensure the quality of the project, cold water will be used to cool the concrete during construction!

In order to meet the needs of such customers in engineering, Zhenheng Concrete Mixing Plant is equipped with a professional cooling system. The chiller can directly provide 0-10℃ chilled water or 0-2℃ ice-water mixture, which can fully meet the requirements of customers in different regions for process cold sources. It is widely used in concrete mixing and cooling of high-speed railways, tunnels, hydropower, dams, hydropower stations and other projects.


The cooling of Zhenheng concrete mixing plant provides two high-efficiency concrete mixing plant cold water system solutions for different environmental requirements:

1. Screw chiller + cooling tower

This plan utilizes the original reservoir of the mixing station and adapts measures to local conditions.

2. Integrated cold water system

The special chiller for concrete mixing plant adopts famous-brand screw compressor as the refrigeration host. Combined with a fully automatic control system, it can automatically select one-stage cooling or multi-stage cooling according to the inlet and outlet water temperature or the operation mode in summer and winter. It is energy-saving, time-saving, stable and environmentally friendly. Features.

The concrete chiller can provide: 1 ton/hour ~ 150 tons/hour concrete-specific chilled water or ice-water mixture, designed and produced according to the type of mobile chiller, the whole machine is shipped in a container mode, and only the user is required in the industrial area Equipped with a power supply, connect the pipes to use.

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