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How to maintain the concrete batching plant in winter(一)?

November 19, 2020

Latest company news about How to maintain the concrete batching plant in winter(一)?

Beginning in late November each year, most countries have entered snow and cold weather. The cold climate environment poses a severe challenge to the use of our mixing station products. In order to enable the mixing station to be used smoothly in harsh climate conditions, we need to master some necessary product winter maintenance knowledge.

1. Water supply system maintenance

1) The pump needs to be regularly lubricated as required.

2) When the pump is stopped for a long time, the water in the pipe must be cleaned. If a shut-off valve is installed, pay special attention to emptying the water at the shut-off valve.

3) In winter, it is necessary to ensure the normal flow of water in the pipe. To prevent freezing, increase the heat preservation pipeline.

4) Regularly check the joints of the water supply pipeline, as it is easy to accumulate water at the joints.

5) If the pump freezes and jams the blades, causing the motor to stall, immediately turn off the pump power and water the pump casing with hot water until the motor shaft can move freely. Do not force the pump to avoid damage to the components.

2. Air supply system maintenance

1) Condensate drainage

Condensate drainage involves the entire pneumatic system, from are compressors, gas tanks, piping systems, air filters and automatic drains. At the end of the operation, the condensate should be drained everywhere to prevent the night temperature from falling below zero, which will cause the condensate to freeze.

As the temperature in the pipeline decreases at night, the condensed water will be further precipitated. Therefore, the condensed water should also be discharged before the pneumatic device runs every day. Pay attention to check whether the automatic drain works normally, and there should be no excess water in the water cup.

2) Check the lubricant

A. When the pneumatic device is running, check whether the amount of oil dripping from the oil mister meets the requirements and whether the oil color is normal, that is, dust and moisture should not be mixed in the oil.

B. It is best to replenish the oil mister once a week: pay attention to the decrease in the amount of oil when refueling. If the fuel consumption is too small, the oil drip volume should be readjusted. The adjusted oil volume is still low or does not drip oil. Check whether the inlet and outlet of the oil mist device are installed backwards and whether the pipeline is blocked. To find out whether the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate, the method is to place a clean white paper near the exhaust port of the reversing valve. After the valve is operated for three to four cycles, if the white paper has only very light spots, indicating good lubrication and suitable oil mist content.

3) Air compressor maintenance

A. Air leakage check to see if there is air leakage.

B. Whether the motor triangle transmission belt is loose or aging.

C. Pay special attention to replenishing the oil in the crankcase of the air compressor. The oil must not be lower than the lower limit of the sight glass, and add or replace the oil that meets the viscosity of winter use according to the nameplate of the air compressor.

3. Admixture system maintenance

1) Because the weather is cold, pay attention to the heat insulation of the pipeline and the insulation of the admixture tanks to prevent the admixture from freezing and cause inconvenience to production.

2) If there is no construction in winter for a long time, the admixture in the admixture pipeline must be released to prevent freezing of corrosion of the pipeline.

3) If the batching plant has not been constructed for a long time, before construction, the admixture in the admixture pump to stir the admixture to prevent the admixture from segregating.

4) Regularly maintain the admixture pump and lubricate it regularly. If it is not used for a long time, the admixture of the admixture pump needs to be cleaned to prevent freezing and corrosion of the admixture pump.

5) Regularly check the joints of the admixture pipeline, as it is easy to accumulate admixtures at the joints.

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