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Installation Time of Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batching Plant

January 13, 2021

Latest company news about Installation Time of Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batching Plant

The customer should make the foundation in advance before the engineer arrives.


Step 1: Assemble the concrete mixer and weighing system, about 1-2 days.


Step 2: Lift & Fix the cement silo and screw conveyor, about 1 day (the bolted type cement silo takes about 3 days/unit).


Step 3: Assemble the concrete batching machine, about 0.5 day.


Step 4: Place the control room and control system according to the drawing and prepare for wiring, about 1 day.


Step 5: Install the widgets on the concrete mixer, about 1 day.


Step 6: Lay out and connect the wires, about 3 days.


Step 7: Refueling and debugging, about 1-2 days.


Step 8: Training and trial production, about 1 day.


Calculated sequentially, the normal installation time of skip hoist type concrete batching plant is about 10 days. To prevent accidents, 15 days are recommended.

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