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Preparation Work Before Debugging of Control System

October 20, 2020

Latest company news about Preparation Work Before Debugging of Control System

For electrical parts


1. Check if the electrical parts are grounded as required? Check if all the wires are well connected?

(computer should be grounded separately)

2. After the sensors are installed, if you need to weld some place near to the sensor, the welding point

should be grounded and away from the sensor to protect them from strong current generated while


3. Check levelness of all the scales try to make them as aclinic as possible. We can make sure all sensors

bear stress evenly.

4. Check if the scales are hang in the air freely.

5. Signal wire for scales should be separated from other cables to prevent from interference.

6. Check the reliability of approach switch of concrete mixer discharging opening.

7. Check the transformer and cable to see if they are suitable for the machines.

8. Before testing, check the if the additive pump is put into additive.

9. When working automatically, we need to make sure all water is discharged into mixer.


For machine


1. Check if all gear boxes and gears are lubricated well.

2.. Check if air compressor is added oil to the required oil level; check if the air lubricator is added oil;

check if the pressure of air compressor is adjusted to 0.8Mpa around. Check if the air pipe leaks air.

3. Check if water pump is hang in the water pool and water is enough or not.

4. Check if the upper and lower limit switch are reliable and sensitive, especially the lower limit switch.

5. Check if the steel rope for aggregate loading hopper is well‐fastened or not.

6. Check the upper limit switch is well‐fastened or not.

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