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Safety Regulation of Concrete Pump

November 16, 2020

Latest company news about Safety Regulation of Concrete Pump

1.The use of concrete pump shall follow the regulations of the operating instructions and other safety regulations.

2. It should be equipped with safety and accident prevention devices, such as instructions and warning signs. These devices cannot be changed or cancelled.

3.Set the work area around the pump, the non-operators shall not enter it without permission.

4. Before starting the pump concrete every time, the operator must carefully monitor the performance of the pump and the reliability of the transmission line.

5. Using high pressure pumping concrete, when the hydraulic system over 22 Mpa, the operator must use the following security measures:

a) Replace the pipeline clamp, gasket and bend pipe regularly within 3 meters away from the operator.

b)The delivery line within 3 meters away from the operator must use wood or metal clapboard screen protector.

6. Before pumping operations, it must strictly follow the diesel engine operation manual to inspect the operation condition of diesel engine.

7. It is forbidden to pumping concrete when the hosepipe bend radius is smaller, avoiding to cause dagerous accidents by line clogging.

8. In order to avoid the inhalation air, the concrete material level must be higher than the stirring shaft in hopper.

9. It must clean the S-pipe, concrete cylinder and hopper, and strictly prohibited residual concrete material after ending pumping concrete or downtime caused by the abnormal situation every time.

10. The pump oil pressure had been set by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, the operator can not adjust it without manufacturer permission. Equipment maintenance and installation only can be conducted by professionals.

11. After pumping, you must close diesel engines and power supply. And before maintaining it, you must turn off diesel engine and power switch.

12. Pump must be placed on solid ground to ensure its stability. And it should away from the slope, dam, pits and trenches.

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