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Some Tips about Concrete Batching Plant

January 20, 2021

Latest company news about Some Tips about Concrete Batching Plant

Before our dear customers make decision to engage in construction business like starting concrete batching plant business, there are some things he/she will consider: area, materials source, investment, worker, efficiency and so on. As a professional construction equipment manufacturer established in 1982, here are something we want to share for a good beginning of concrete business with suitable size of concrete mixing plant.


Mostly, for the raw materials, concrete batching plant needs sand, stone such as supply equipment which is through belt conveyor and hopper and weighing device. You can select 10m or 15m belt conveyor or special length according to the terrain and layout of the concrete mixing station.


Another important material is cement. This needs a suitable cement supply equipment in different capacities of concrete batching plant form HZS25-HZS180 site. Cement is a powdery hydraulic cementing material, it must be sealed and waterproof during placement and transportation. At present, the most widely used cement supply equipment is screw conveyor.


Once we prepared different kinds of materials, how to weighing? We need to select a suitable dosing, measuring equipment for the concrete batching plant. In order to ensure meeting the technical requirements, all kinds of materials must adapt the material dosing equipment to measuring. Material measuring equipment is consist of the feeder and weighing device, the feeder is given a uniform effect which is our equipped machinery with PLD concrete batching machine.

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