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The Quality Of Brick Products In Brick Production Process Using Six-Sigma Method At A Brick Factory

October 22, 2020

Latest company news about The Quality Of Brick Products In Brick Production Process Using Six-Sigma Method At A Brick Factory

A product with high quality is one of the keys to winning market competition. A product can only

survive if the product has strong competitive advantages over other similar products. This competitive advantage is primarily aimed at product quality. To be able to produce products that meet consumer’s quality standards, quality equipment and quality production processes shall be provided. From the results of observations made on the brick molding processing at the Bricks Production factory in Deli Serdang, it was found that the quality of brick products produced was always varied and sometimes did not meet the specified quality specifications. This leads to the need of conducting a research in order to determine causing factors and ways to control the production so that the quality of bricks produced satisfy specified quality specifications. Six Sigma is a method that can be used to monitor the quality of processes or products produced by the company.

This method can be used to measure the level of quality that has been achieved by a company. Therefore, the use of Six-Sigma method should be tested in this research of Product Quality of Brick Production at a Brick Factory located in Deli Serdang regency.



Based on the above-mentioned results, the suggestions are made as follows:

1. Companies need to check trough all production processes before the production starts, especially the plastic molding machine, thus during the mold production process the machine is not easily heated.

2. The company can measure the quality level it has achieved by using Six Sigma method continuously in monitoring the measurement that has been achieved by the company. The measurements obtained can be used as a baseline to conduct further measurement in an effort to increase Quality to level 6 sigma, according to the target of six sigma


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