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Tips On How To Maintain The Concrete Batch Plant

November 4, 2020

Latest company news about Tips On How To Maintain The Concrete Batch Plant

Prior to working every shift, the batch plant needs to be inspected. After the shift, the machine then can be maintained and taken care of. Major repair should be available once in a year. These inspection and maintenance work are done mainly with an aim to ensure the machine functions normally with high efficiency. Below are the maintenance details.


1. Inspection Prior to Each Time of Use

Check if the self-holding device of the air compressor functions normally or the air pressure is stable. Check also the water pump to see if it is full of water and clear the blocked pump. Examine the gate of the aggregate hopper, cement hopper, material collection hopper, and material discharging hopper, mixing vanes, electrical device, and limit switch to ensure they are flexible and responsive. The reduction gear box as well as the lubricating points also needs to be well lubricated.


2. Maintenance and Care after Every Working Shift

Clear the material accumulation inside and outside the batcher as well as at the material gathering or discharging gate. Apply lubricating oil to the lubricating points, especially the shaft seal. In winter, the liquid inside the ductwork as well as the air and water accumulation in the air reservoir needs to be drained out. After the machine stops, you should cut off the power supply and make sure all the switches are in off position.


3. Weekly Inspection and Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance and Inspection

Check the batcher and remove the concrete residue inside the batching tank. This process should be done when the power supply is cut off and there is specific personnel watching the operation safety. Verify that there is proper clearance between the batching vane and liner. Inspect the air pipeline to see if there is any leak. Check if the action of the cylinder is reliable. Care is taken to ensure the good quality of lubricating oil and a proper oil level. The bottom suction valve should function normally and all the electrical parts are undamaged. Loose wire connection should be avoided. Check to verify that the shaft seal is secure.


4. Inspection Over a Four-week Period

Belt tension should be measured and adjusted. Check the wear conditions of the batching vane and liner. The bolted connections on the upper, lower rack, material bin, and slope angle belt conveyor need to be fully engaged. The cement caking and other foreign matters should be removed from the screw conveyor.


5. Annual Inspection and Major Repair

In addition to the above checking parts, other components also need to be inspected and repaired.


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