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Why Choose Zhenheng as Construction Equipment Supplier?

July 27, 2020

Latest company news about Why Choose Zhenheng as Construction Equipment Supplier?

For the customer, one most question is that why are you and what you do to ensure quality and product life?

Today, I want to talk somethings our engineer do to make products better.


First, we use reliable raw materials, tested by inspector before producing for its properties, hardness and extensible to make sure all of them are qualified.


Second, we have fine workmanship. We don’t cut corners and reduce the thickness of steel products thus make our finished products with reasonable mechanical design after many times tests and improvements without energy waste. In the case of ensure the machine functional integrity, removal or improved high failure rate components to make sure the whole machine runs well and shorten the maintenance time.


Third, our design is with a number of unique patent technology, this guarantees the production capacity higher than of similar products 30%-40%.

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